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When it comes to picking up the right paint color for the home, you have to consider various aspects. From interior lighting to the latest trends, you must know everything to ensure you make the right choice. However, it will be better to look for Painting and Maintenance Services Near Me and hire the best professionals to guide you. Until then, here check out the latest paint color trends for 2021.

1.         Neutral colors

After an exhausting 2020, you can expect to see the return of neutral colors. This return signifies healing, comfort, wellness and represents a lifestyle at a slower pace.  While choosing a neutral palette for your home, connect with a Painting and Maintenance Company to ensure you make the right decision.  You can choose colors in oatmeal hues, Aegean blues, and earthy tones.

2.         Comforting colors

Homeowners are now looking for a chance to escape and relax in their home. This is why warm colors and soft pastels are returning back. Keep a close eye on rejuvenating colors like off-white and soft reds.

3.         Vibrance

When you choose a neutral palette for your home, you can add some vibrant colors for a great contrast. This latest color trend indicates a return of vibrancy.  For adding vibrant color, you can look for rust hues and tones in gold to orange shades.

 Colour Trends for your home

The calm and soothing neutral tones can be best delivered when used in an ample space. So use the color in the larger areas of the home.  While for vibrant colors, you must choose smaller places at home. If in doubt, connect with J. M. Painting and Maintenance to receive professional help with the same.

Top Colors for 2021

Here are the top colors that will offer you the environment you were looking for.

1.         Aegean Teal

Aegean is a combination of calming blue color with a soothing grey and natural green. This trending paint color is perfect for homeowners who want to incorporate a bluish hue in their home without the melancholy undertones that are associated with blues.

2.         Urbane Bronze

The color with its organic appeal is here to offer you a sense of calm at home. So you can use this color on trims or accent walls to give your home a calming and relax feeling. They can be paired well with modern greens and greys.

3.         Big Cypress

This ginger orange color goes well with mahogany woods and cherry, as well as some touch of gold. It is a perfect choice for homeowners who wants to have a soothing feeling at home without neglecting the sense of warmth.


Given the latest trends, it is now time that you re-do your home. If you need a professional, connect with J.M. Painting and Maintenance to get top class Painting Services at a fair price.

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