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Similar to the interior paints, the exterior paints too can be found in a variety of sheens. This is what makes choosing the right exterior paint difficult. However, when you take commercial painting services in Sydney, you can get the necessary guidance and help to make the right decision. Further here are the tips you need to consider while choosing the best sheen for your exterior space.

1.         Flat

Like the interior flat commercial exterior painting, it is appropriate on uneven surfaces as the low sheen will cover up the imperfections well.  This is why flat is mostly used for exterior paints on older homes, especially those with siding, as they tend to get a rougher surface. The high-quality flat paint offers great durability and is washable, which makes it difficult to clean. Further, it cannot stand well to abrasions. It is thus clear that flat is a great choice for siding the exterior or body.

2.         Stain/low luster

Also known as Satin, it is one of the most commercial exterior painting sheens, which generally is used for the main body or siding of the exterior parts. The sheen offers a soft finish that looks great on the sides. Although not too shiny, it is a perfect choice for surfaces that requires occasional cleaning.

3.         Semi-gloss/gloss and High gloss

For gloss sheen, you need to hire commercial painting services in Sydney to get good results. Professional painters use this gloss paint on the exterior sides due to the paint’s tendency to amplify the surface imperfections. However, this sheen is washable, which makes it quite easy to clean up. Thus a gloss sheen is a perfect choice for accents like shutters, trim, and doors, where adding a shine can be advantageous. Further, they also offer the highest washability level. But you must keep in mind they magnify the surface imperfections higher than any other paint.

What about stains?

The stain products are available in various sheens. In fact, they can be found in different opacities like solid and semi-transparent.  Solid stains are a great option for cases where the highest coverage is required. They tend to offer the most in covering imperfections, and can easily be tinted on any color. On the other side, semi-transparent offers a way to add some subtle colors while keeping the natural wood grain visible.

Take the right commercial painting service in Sydney.

Given the complexity of choosing the right sheen, it is advisable to connect with a reputable commercial interior painting and exterior painting company like J. M. Painting and Maintenance for the job. The company professionals are highly skilled and qualified to deliver you quality results at a fair price.

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